Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up

Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up

It’s interesting what number of individuals bring home the bacon by posting recordings on YouTube.

Instructional exercises, family relaxes, item surveys and different crazy jokes make individuals rich medium-term.

In any case, have you known about weedtubers?

These are individuals getting paid to smoke cannabis and post it on the web.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true — getting paid to get prepared.

Peruse on to find out about probably the most well known weedtubers around.

Joel Hradecky: King of Weedtubers

Thought about the ruler of the weedtubers, Joel Hradecky has over 1.2 million adherents, which he’s amassed in just 4 brief years.

His YouTube channel CustomGrow420 features an assortment of recordings including him attempting to smoke a gram of THC oil. This video piled on over 1.3 million perspectives.

Which is nearly as much as the 1.5 million who saw Hradecky’s seven-minute hacking fit after his endeavor. Appears as though Hradecky’s prosperity flourishes, to some extent, on the mental thought that people appreciate viewing different people endure.

In any case, this cannabis ruler doesn’t only toke up and make watchers giggle (or sneer) for the love of amusement. A great many fans really go to Hradecky for suggestions on bongs, strands of cannabis and different extras.

Josh Young

In case you’re for the most part searching for guidance and data on smoking weed, the various ways it very well may be smoked, or weed costs, Young is your man.

On his YouTube channel StrainCentral, Young smokes maryjane somewhere in the range of 3 – 10 times each day, directly nearby his watchers.

Youthful imagines that occasionally his fans are simply, “searching for a smoking mate.”

In comparative style to different weedtubers like Hradecky, Young additionally posts recordings exhibiting endeavors at smoking huge amounts of THC in a brief timeframe and the appalling impacts.

With more than 373,000 supporters, Young unmistakably makes a great smoking pal!

Coral Reefer

Being a weedtuber isn’t only for the young men. Try not to stress women, you can be acclaimed for smoking weed on YouTube as well!

Simply take a gander at Coral Reefer. On the off chance that you’re searching for an intuitive weedtube experience, at that point Coral Reefer is your young lady.

Coral Reefer has a live show each Sunday called “Stoney Sunday Live” where she addresses weed-related inquiries from watchers and fans. Coral is enthusiastic about cannabis and its numerous advantages.

Visit her channel and you’ll see her going to weed occasions and sharing information about what’s going on in cannabis news.

Jane Dro

Another weedtuber speaking to the female weed sweethearts out there is Jane Dro.

In the event that you want an increasingly instructive encounter with regards to cannabis, Dro is a powerhouse of data. Dro tells watchers the intricate details of developing pot and offers tips, just as an inside glance at her own one of a kind develop room.

Look at Dro’s direct for top to bottom recordings and item surveys for devoted and genuine cannabis clients. You may even recognize the following cannabis smoking star on our rundown when watching Dro’s channel — these two frequently appear in one another’s recordings.

Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up
Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up


You can’t have a decent smoking meeting without some great munchies. Soundrone is tied in with unpacking and surveying items — and not simply cannabis related things.

Visiting this idiosyncratic characters channel will win you the opportunity to see treats, drink, and bite audits. An ideal commendation to your high.

His audits are interfered with now and then by him enduring a shot from a bong or obtuse. Soundrone must accomplish something right in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that he is a fruitful weedtuber, he’s additionally a business visionary.

Soundrone has his own hemp wick line known as Bee Lasso.

Is it accurate to say that you are YouTube’s Next Big Star?

It’s hard not to be propelled by these weedtuber stars. They’re getting paid to do what they love — that is the incomparable American dream, right?

Perhaps your present side interest is something the world needs to see. Maybe you’ll be a celebrated blogger turned YouTube star.

Some portion of these star’s distinction originates from the open’s interest with cannabis. Need to get familiar with this medication and its developing ubiquity?

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